Canterbury Clocks  


Douglas Macquet

Since its establishment in 1980 Canterbury Clocks has developed a reputation for being one of Melbourne’s leading horological centres. Douglas Macquet became the owner of Canterbury Clocks in 2007 when founder Ken Payne retired.

Douglas graduated from Melbourne University in 1984 with an Honours degree in engineering. His obsession for precision engineering rapidly led him into the clock making trade and his horological training included eight years with Ken Payne.

Douglas has a philosophy of performing all restoration work in a manner sympathetic to the originality of the clock. In his superbly equipped workshop he is able to undertake the most challenging restoration and ensure all work is done in house.

At Canterbury clocks Douglas specializes in restoration and repair of antique and modern clocks and also offers a comprehensive range of fully restored antique clocks for sale.

Douglas is a member of the Watch and Clockmakers of Australia (WCA).

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